The reason it can be so challenging to sell your home in the New York City area is because buyers literally have their pick of any home they want. With so much available property, the only way to attract a full price offer is presenting your home in a way that resonates with the buyers.

Consider these staging tips from top New York realtors that will help position your home for a quick sale;

Improving the Curb Appeal of the House

It might come as a surprise to many residents of New York that when they list their homes for sale, many potential buyers drive around without realtors just looking at the exterior of the home. If they don’t feel that connection, they simply move on to the next in a long line of potential houses to choose from. If you home exterior is less than stellar, there is no telling how many buyers simply drove by and never gave the house a second thought.

Your NY realtor will help you to connect with a landscaper, painter, handyman, and pressure washing team, to help give the exterior of the home a fresh new look that draws the potential buyers to the door.

Eliminating Signs of Clutter

Once inside the house, it is important to give the buyer that feeling that there is more than enough room for all their belongings to fit. The problem is that right now your closets are stuffed full, the garage has piles of stuff everywhere, the attic is full, and the kitchen counters have appliances and accessories everywhere. Without even thinking, the buyers instantly imagine the house is not big enough for their stuff, and they move on to the next house.

Your realtor will help you to rent a storage unit in town where you can bring all the stuff you will be packing to move anyway. Once the closets are empty, the counters clear, and the garage roomy, buyers will get emotionally attached to the home.

Giving the Interior a Neutral Feel

Another reason buyers are not falling in love with your home is because they are staring at all the pictures and personal effects from your family. Since moving day will be approaching before you know it, take down all the pictures of your family, clean off the refrigerator of personal effects, and give the rooms a fresh new coat of a neutral color paint.

The goal here is to allow the buyer to imagine their family inside the house, not wasting any energy trying to not imagine your family still enjoying the house.

An Open House to Remember

The open house is your chance for your realtor to really shine. This will be the day when potential buyers are going to have free reign of the house, and ask as many questions as they want of your agent. Your realtor will instruct you when to leave, how to leave the house, and when to return. Your realtor will have the closets open, the lights in every room on, and will even be baking cookies in the oven. Tevfik Arif Buyers will emotionally connect as all their senses come alive in the house.

Your realtor will allow the house to sell itself by giving the appearance there is nothing to hide. Buyers will see a roomy environment that has all the appeal of home, and rush to present offers on your residence.

These staging tips will get the buyers emotionally invested in your property and will want to shut out anyone else from taking the house of their dreams.

By lexutor