What is Freight Management?

Freight management refers to the process of strategically and efficiently organizing both inbound and outbound goods for transport. At the same time, ensure that the right goods arrive in the right place on time. It is the process of coordinating all the processes that revolve around the preparation, shipping, storage, transportation, and receiving or freight. It means coordinating all parties, that is, carriers, distributors, shippers, and vendors, through the entire process of handling freight. 

Freight management aims to ensure that cargos arrive at the target destination safely and on time. Freight management goes beyond managing simple orders on an e-commerce

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3 Things To Do Before a Hurricane Comes To Town

A hurricane’s intensity could impact the safety of not only the property but those residing inside. It’s important to plan ahead for everyone’s sake. The following are 3 things to do before the storm reaches you.

1. Check Your Insurance Plan

While many houses may be untouched by the storm, some houses are likely to incur damage. If that happens, insurance may assist with the restoration and repair. Call your insurer, and discuss your current policy before hurricane season begins.

Likely, the plan handles harm to the structure if it’s from the system itself. For example, roof damage is often …

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